Having stepped away from F1 for the second time, Michael Schumacher finds himself railing against the need for speed.

The seven-time world champion is currently fronting a road safety campaign on behalf of the Chilean government, appearing in an English language television commercial urging drivers not to be 'stupid' when they get behind the wheel.

"I know you think you drive well, that it is okay to go fast," he intones, "Your friends say you're a 'Schumacher' and you think you're a good driver, but please do not be stupid."

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The German remains a part of the FIA's crusade for road safety and has several similar campaigns under his belt. He was contacted by the Chilean government after a rash of videos appeared with drivers comparing themselves with the former Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes pilot.

"I took it personally that they were using my name," Schumacher told the El Mercurio newspaper, "That's totally wrong, as I never drive faster on normal streets. I'm a racing driver, and racing should be clearly separated from normal life."