Newly appointed chief technical officer Pat Symonds insists that his main focus at Williams will be on the 2014 car after he started work with the Grove-based outfit.

The former Renault man took up his new role following the end of the summer break after joining from Marussia, with Williams hopeful he will be able to help them return to form after a season that has lurched from one issue to another - with just a single point on the board ahead of this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix.

With his arrival mid-way through the season means he will be able to have only limited impact on the current car, Symonds will revealed that much of his focus will be on the FW36 as the team hopes to fight back in 2014.

"We have new parts coming to races as far out as Korea and beyond," he said. "They are not things I've had influence on but I can see them in the development programme. I hope we can look at some smaller details from the wind tunnel to improve things over the coming races and I'll be looking at the operational side too.

"Fundamentality focus has to be much more towards 2014 as it's an immensely difficult programme, the most difficult we have had to tackle for a long while. The FW36 is well underway and I think it's important I get my influence onto that. However, my influence will be much more on process rather than detail, so I hope that pays off and leads to the sort of structure that can lead to on-going success for the team."

Symonds added that his only aim was to help take Williams back to the top of the sport, and said he would analyse all aspects of the team to try and end its current barren run.

"I think it's a great team," he said. "The facilities are top class, we have a huge number of talented people and yet the results on the track are not a reflection of the quality we have. So I think my challenge is to analyse why this is happening, make the changes that are needed to empower the people and really get the focus in one direction: performance.

"My primary aim is to bring success back to the team and I will be very singular in my focus to achieve that. I want the people who are working with me to enjoy that success and be an integral part of bringing Williams back to where I think it should be. It will take time to analyse what is happening and improve things but it's up to me to facilitate this process."


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