Jules Bianchi insists that his attention is solely on finishing the 2013 F1 season in as good a shape as possible, despite his name cropping up several 'silly season' rumours.

With doubts being cast over Felipe Massa's position at Ferrari - and even the security of Fernando Alonso's signature on his contract given interest from Red Bull - Bianchi has found himself being included among the list of potential replacements at Maranello next season.

"Obviously, I don't know [what is happening]," he admitted from Belgium, where the 2013 F1 season restarts after its summer break, "I am just focused 100 per cent on my season and I'll just let my manager decide [the future] for me. I think it's not the moment to look at that - but, for sure, I will be ready if Ferrari call me...."

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With just ten grands prix under his belt, Bianchi is still a rookie in F1 terms, but he has impressed, both with Marussia and, previously, as part of Ferrari driver development programme. The British team is keen to keep hold of its asset - who only arrived after Luiz Razia's backing fell through - for a second season, and Bianchi insists that, if Ferrari does not come calling, he would be happy to stay.

"The first part of the season has been really good for me and the team, [but] the second part is a bit more difficult," he reflected, "Now we're going into the last part and I feel confident. I was really happy with the first result we had, but we still need to push and improve.

"For the moment, I feel good at Marussia, [and] I think the right move is to think about this year, finish the season and let my manager and Ferrari see what we can do. They will decide and they will make a good call but, for sure, I'm happy and pleased with Marussia."

Marussia will swap Cosworth power for Ferrari next season.