Sebastian Vettel admits that he will need to have his wits about him if the weather continues to be changeable at Spa-Francorchamps on race day, but knows he can trust his team to make the right calls.

The world champion missed out on pole position as Lewis Hamilton held the last lap trump card on a drying circuit, but topped both Friday and Saturday practice as Red Bull appeared to have the best car and heads into Sunday's race confident of extending his championship lead with a fifth win of the season.

However, as qualifying showed, the unpredictable conditions can lead to unpredictable results - witness both Caterham and Marussia getting drivers through to Q2 at Spa - and Vettel concedes that everyone will need to be on their toes.

"In these conditions anything can happen," he insists, "It's very easy to do the wrong calls and you're out. So, everything is possible tomorrow as, condition-wise, we expect the same as today.

"I think we trust the guys on the pit wall to judge the weather and the situation. I don't think you are in any doubt of what the team does. Obviously, in terms of which tyres to use and when, it is largely depending on us inside the car, but I think, obviously, in these conditions, it's a lot trickier to get it right, not just for the team, but also for the driver because it's so much easier to make a mistake. That's why, in the rain, in the wet, in these mixed conditions, there's a chance for everybody to over-perform, but there's also the chance to get it wrong..."

Despite being denied a 40th career pole once again, Vettel was happy to have grabbed a front row spot from Saturday's session, having once languished towards the rear of the top ten.

"In the end, I think all three of us had very good laps at the end, on the lap where it mattered most but, for sure, compared to the dry, I think it's much harder to nail that one where you don't have room for error," he confirmed, "It's so much easier to make a mistake, go wide, lose the car, lose time so, yeah, if I look back to the lap I had now, obviously, there's room for improvement but, many times, I was quite close to losing the car. It doesn't mean that I had to go off and crash the car, but losing the car, losing time. It doesn't take much and you are somewhere at the back...

"Lewis had quite and impressive middle sector. He was right behind me and, maybe, it helped a little bit to know how fast he could go here and there. I checked in my mirrors and thought I could have gone quicker here, quicker there, because he was closing up, but I'm very happy with the result. As I said, in these conditions, anything is possible..."