The failure of the forecast rain showers to show up in Spa on Sunday to spice things up just as they had on Saturday in qualifying meant that the 2013 Belgian Grand Prix was a surprisingly straightforward affair, and a remarkably easy win for Sebastian Vettel.

But does that mean Vettel will also get your nod as the driver of the day? It's hard to fault his command of events on Sunday and he really didn't put a foot wrong. It would take a hard-hearted person not to credit him as the best driver at Spa this year - but we know readers are very independently minded and not likely to go with the easy option for the sake of it!

So who else is in the frame? There was a pretty fabulous drive from Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who started from ninth on the grid and was soon surging past Lewis Hamilton to take up second spot. If only he'd done better in qualifying, who knows if he'd been able to make things difficult for Vettel at the front as well?

And let's not overlook Hamilton. Mercedes knew they didn't have the raw power of their rivals at Red Bull and Ferrari - as was clearly demonstrated in the run down the Kemmel straight where Hamilton was at a disadvantage every time. But despite that, Hamilton kept his head down and came away with a podium position at a circuit that really could have been a disaster for him and his team mate, Nico Rosberg

Rosberg similarly deserves credit for holding on to his fourth place for the duration of the race - a far cry from outings like Bahrain where the Merc slaughtered its tyres and didn't have a prayer of staying competitive. Mark Webber also deserves credit for surviving a clutch problem that hit the Red Bull before the start of the race to battle his way to fourth, as does Felipe Massa for overcoming some pretty nasty electrical gremlins to finish seventh place behind Jenson Button, whose bid for a one-stop strategy might have been foiled but who still came away equalling his best finish of the year in sixth.

Further back, Daniel Ricciardo's impressive final surge to put the Toro Rosso into the points ahead of Sergio Perez deserves commendation - and may even see him handed a Red Bull seat! And here's a couple of wild cards suggestions from outside the top ten: how about Kimi Raikkonen, confidently moving up through the field right up to the moment when he was forced to retire because of his brakes overheating due to a discarded visor tear-off getting stuck in a cooling duct? Or Paul di Resta, who had a poor start to the race but was almost the star of the weekend at Spa with that mighty qualifying gamble in Q3 on Saturday. He would surely have finished in the points on Sunday if not for that meddling Maldonado, don't you think?

Those are the candidates, but the choice is yours: who do you think was the driver of the day in Spa? To have your say, CLICK HERE and simply pick one of the options to vote - and while you're at it, please do let us know how you came to that choice by posting in the comments section as we're really interesting to know what you thought of this year's Belgian GP.


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