Sometimes when a race win looks easy from the outside, the victorious driver will have a completely different story of being made to work overtime in the cockpit and how difficult the Grand Prix had been for him.

But not so in the case of Sebastian Vettel's race on Sunday at Spa-Francorchamps, which from the sound of it could hardly have gone any better or smoother even in his wildest dreams.

"It was fantastic race for us - from start to finish really very good tactics," enthused the reigning world champion and current championship leader. "Fantastic result, can't be any better!"

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Seemingly the only thing that had puzzled the newly-blond Vettel the entire weekend at Spa was the crowd reaction during the post-race presentation and interviews. "We are a bit confused down here because the crowd is booing and cheering and booing and we don't understand why," he said, unaware of the Greenpeace protest taking place above and around the podium.

Such things didn't blight Vettel's weekend in the slightest, however. It had been crucial that Vettel get past pole sitter Lewis Hamilton as soon as possible, and while he wasn't able to do it in the short initial run from the grid down to the La Source hairpin he had his moment just second later - and was surprised to find it so easy, especially as it was before DRS was available to the drivers.

"It helped the first lap to have the tow off Lewis through Eau Rouge and then I was flying," he said, admitting that he hadn't plan to attempt the pass on Hamilton so early in the race.

"In the opening lap when the tyres are not yet completely there and the fuel tank is full, obviously the cars are quite heavy up the hill," he explained. "I was able, in the tow, to make up a lot of speed and when I got side by side I had a lot of advantage over Lewis and was able to get straight ahead. So it worked very well - what I was trying to, let's say, plan at the exit of turn two.

"Once I passed him we had incredible pace and really could control the race until the end," he continued. "After that I just tried to settle into the rhythm. I tried to open a gap to be flexible at the first stop and yeah, until the end we had incredible pace.

"The car was much better than I think we expected going into the race, so we had a bit of pace on hand. I really enjoyed that a lot. I think the guys on the pit wall as well, it was not as stressed as at other times."

Although he emerged from his first pit stop behind McLaren's Jenson Button, vettel was able to quickly rectify that and ended up credited with leading every single one of the 44 laps on Sunday - which means he has not led over 200 Grand Prix laps in his career to date.

"It's a fantastic track and especially when the car works well, you don't want the race to stop," he smiled. "The car is getting lighter and lighter and I was very comfortable at the end on the primes. The car, as I said, was just a pleasure to drive."

The only thing that could have complicated an easy in for Vettel was the weather turning on him, which could have made the end of the race a complete lottery.

"We were a bit afraid of the rain coming towards the end but I think it just passed the circuit," he said. "Fortunately there was no rain, so in terms of critical calls there were none to make."

Victory in Spa puts Vettel 43 points clear of Fernando Alonso in the drivers championship, and 58 and 63 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen respectively. Despite that, Vettel insisted that he and Red Bull were still working hard and taking nothing for granted.

"I didn't think about the championship or points. Obviously I know the higher up you finish the better it is: ideally ahead of everyone else, which worked today," he said, insisting that an emphatic win at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps circuit meant more to him than the points situation.

"Such a great circuit," he continued. "We've had good races here in the past so it's nice to have another one, another great memory today. So, that's what honestly I was focussing on most. For sure, regarding the championship, it's a bonus."

However Monza may yet prove to be a bump in the road for both Vettel and Red Bull in their seemingly inexorable march to renewing their championship standings in 2013. "It's very difficult to predict," replied Vettel when asked how he felt the car would run in the Italian Grand Prix in two weeks time. "We had painful years in a way [in the past], where we just get hammered down the straights and we've had years where the loss down the straight was limited so we could come back in the corners.

"How it turns out to be this year it's difficult to say," he said. "I think we can be quite confident. We had a good race in Canada, we had a very good race here which are both medium downforce type of tracks, so I hope that our low downforce package goes in the same direction."