The McLaren Group has joined the growing list of F1 participants forming a commercial partnership with online video source YouTube.

The company, which includes the hitherto successful F1 team, already produces a range of creative video content that will now be shared on the McLaren YouTube channel, giving motor racing fans and those interested in 'cutting edge technology' unique access to the heart of the company.

"At McLaren, we have great stories to tell," McLaren Group brand director John Allert claimed, "Whether it's the passion and intrigue of F1, or how we develop ground breaking new technologies, people are fascinated by what we do. Our exciting new partnership with YouTube will enable people to get closer than ever to our drivers, our brand and our business. Our fans can expect to see some really exciting new content in the years to come."

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Content will include the award-winning Tooned animated series and with the number of subscribers to McLaren's regular YouTube channel having increased by 397 per cent in the last year, the revenue generated from the new commercial channel should enable the company to invest in exciting future video projects.

"As a business, this partnership is extremely positive," Group CEO and F1 team principal Martin Whitmarsh added, "McLaren and YouTube are both highly respected brands and combining our content with their expertise will help us both to achieve even more. Being able to gain revenue from our content will also enable us to invest more in future videos, which will be good for our brand, good for our partners and good for our fans."