A gathering of F1 personnel to mark Mark Webber's final F1 appearance in Europe had one notable absentee as the Australian's team-mate decided not to celebrate the occasion.

According to several sources, Sebastian Vettel was not too far away from the party, but preferred to sit, alone, downstairs in the Red Bull Energy Station while Webber's friends and rivals - including former team boss Frank Williams - enjoyed the atmosphere above.

"We are no longer friends, but we respect each other," the three-time champion had told Bild just two hours earlier, but the fractured relationship between him and Webber - widened by the 'Multi21' affair in Malaysia - was clear to see.

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Webber appeared unfazed by Vettel's absence, even going as far as admitting that he wasn't quite sure why the party had been thrown in his honour when there were still seven races remaining after Monza. The Australian will race for Porsche in next year's World Endurance Championship.

Earlier in the day, Vettel had headed Webber in a Red Bull 1-2 after Friday practice for the Italian Grand Prix.