Lewis Hamilton says he thinks Red Bull will continue to be a dominant force in F1 when the new engine formula comes into play for the 2014 season.

A switch to new 1.6 litre turbo-charged V6 units is set to shake up the order next year, with many believing that engines will be key to determining who comes out on top of the pile in the race for the title.

While some think that could mean an end to Red Bull's dominance of recent years, Hamilton said he didn't expect the defending champions to suddenly be off the pace and was hopeful that Mercedes would give him a car to challenge at the front.

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"For the next four years coming, unless Renault do a poor engine, I think they'll be quick," he told the Guardian. "Adrian Newey does a really good job. Even though the car's a lot different next year, I believe you can take some of the things from this car into that car. So their car is still going to be pretty impressive next year.

"I just hope that, whatever the case, we all come out next year with a car we can battle each other with. And fight. One race the other takes points off you and the next race you swap it and change it right to the end, like it was with Felipe and myself in 2008."

Hamilton slipped to 81 points behind leader Sebastian Vettel with a ninth place finish in Italy at the weekend to leave him facing an uphill battle to challenge for the title this time around.