Jenson Button insists that the current F1 era isn't yet at risk of becoming boring, despite the fact that Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull look set to lift the championship crown for a fourth successive season.

Vettel extended his lead in the standings with a dominant win at Monza and is now hot favourite to lift another title, which would see him join Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher as only the third driver to win the championship for four consecutive years.

Schumacher's run of success with Ferrari - which ran from 2000 to 2004 - led to calls that the sport had become boring, but despite Vettel currently dominating the current era, McLaren ace Button said it was a completely different situation to that seen in the past.

"It's different from what I remember with Michael," Button told the Press Association. "They (Red Bull) have won the championship for three (consecutive) years and they are going to win it again - I think. But the racing seems more fun these days, there is more action and there are a lot of different people winning Grands Prix.

"You also have four different teams winning races now - which should be five, and it will be five in the future, as I include us. But the racing is better than when Michael won the championship and with Michael it felt like 'Well, he is going to win it next year as well'

"I don't think it feels like that now. Every year it doesn't feel like 'Well, Sebastian is going to win it again'. It feels as though you come out of the blocks and everyone is fighting for victories, but they (Red Bull) get stronger through the year - or we and the other teams are not as strong as them."

Button added however that he expected Red Bull to face more of a challenge when new engine regulations come into play next year.

"With the new regulations it could be interesting," he said. "Maybe they'll get it right with Adrian Newey, or maybe they will get it seriously wrong. He has done that before. He hasn't been perfect every year. We have to see.

"But going into next year I think everyone is excited about the new challenge. I don't think they think Sebastian and Red Bull are going to run away with it again."