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Singapore changes to find a second

13 September 2013

Revisions made to the Singapore Grand Prix circuit could see lap times drop by as much as a second when F1's night race takes place next weekend.

The turn ten chicane, known as the Singapore Sling, has now been removed and will be replaced by a single-apex left-hand corner.

Cars are set approach the revised corner up to 40km/h quicker, with an extra layer of TecPro barriers being installed on the outside of the corner to compensate for the higher speeds and limited run-off.

“Working in the simulator,” Ferrari's Fernando Alonso tweeted. “New turn ten in Singapore this year, without the chicane of before. The lap is around 1sec faster.”

As well as revising the chicane, organisers have also carried out minor resurfacing work in a number of areas to compensate for usage by traffic on a daily basis.