Mark Webber has said he wouldn't be surprised to one day see his Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel move to Ferrari.

The Scuderia confirmed the signing of Kimi Raikkonen on a two-year deal this week as partner to Fernando Alonso, with Vettel having been mentioned more than once as a possible Ferrari driver of the future.

Raikkonen's deal with Ferrari will now take him through to the end of 2015 when Vettel's current Red Bull agreement is also set to draw to a conclusion.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Webber said he felt Ferrari was still an option for Vettel in the coming season and that the German could well be approached to replace Raikkonen when their respective contracts are coming to an end.

"For lots of reasons Ferrari need to be winning again in Formula 1," he said "It has to happen so this is the first step forward to get the team back in the Constructors'. It is important, Ferrari winning that, and then the Drivers' Championship as well.

"There are so many reasons why it [signing Raikkonen] is a bit of a gamble to help Ferrari.

"There is two years for probably both of them actually I think. And then what they do after that obviously [is] pick Seb up off the back of Red Bull and then they keep moving from there.

"But it's a very short-term aggressive statement from Ferrari to put the team at the front."