Rain was not enough to spoil the party in the Rudskogen forest as over 8000 spectators braved the conditions to watch Marc Gene put Ferrari's F10 through its pace at the Rudskogen Motorfestival.

Even if the wet track limited the top speed and also that in the corners, Gene still tried to push the car on the two runs he did, despite the second coming when the rain was at its heaviest.

"Naturally, one goes a bit slower in the wet, but I think the spectators were still able to see what an F1 car can do," the Spaniard commented, "This track is really enjoyable for a driver, even in these conditions. There are places where it's really nice to go flat-out, especially as one doesn't often to get to drive on a track with these characteristics, with significant changes of gradient, medium speed banked turns and very nice surroundings."

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The day before, Gene was in action on a drier track as 14,000 people packed into the Rudskogen circuit. Again, the Spaniard did two series of laps, ending with a handful of burn-outs which met with an enthusiastic reception from the spectators.

"It's the first time I've been to Norway and I've been given a very nice reception," he said, "As a driver, it's always nice to see the crowd having fun. I didn't know much about this track - I'd only seen a video of another F1 car that had already run here - and I have to say it's really fun to drive a single-seater here!

"It's as though you are on a rollercoaster: it's a real pleasure to drive a single-seater here, because there are lots of external reference points like trees and the rocks, which make you realise how fast you are going. You don't come across many tracks like this anymore: I'm struggling to imagine that Hermann Tilke designed it..."