Stefano Domenicali insists that Ferrari has to make sure it is ready to attack Red Bull whenever the opportunity arises in the remaining races on the F1 calendar.

Ferrari sit second in the constructors championship with seven races to go, but are over 100 points down on Red Bull, while Fernando Alonso is 53 points behind Sebastian Vettel in the drivers title.

Vettel has extended his lead with back-to-back wins in the two races run since the summer break and seems set to clinch the title for a fourth successive season.

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However, Domenicali insisted that Ferrari wasn't giving up on taking the titles itself and had to be ready to take advantage of any misfortune that goes Vettel's way.

"At Monza we clearly saw Red Bull were stronger," Domenicali was quoted by the Press Association. "We tried our maximum, and we had a fantastic race, achieving the position we had with Fernando. It was a shame because I also wanted Felipe on the podium. But when you are fighting a stronger car you play with strategies, which is not always easy.

"It is clear with the fact Red Bull showed great pace that the fight for the championship is really very difficult, but it doesn't change our approach. We need to stay in there and take our opportunities should they come, to jump and get closer because the experience of last year is still burning for us.

"If something happens to them we need to be there, like the wolf, to attack them, so we need to stay tuned and connected."

Domenicali did concede however that the team was moving towards the time when it would have to turn all of its focus to the 2014 season, when new regulations come into play in the sport.

"With regards to the decision of how and when we are going to swap all the resources to the new car, we are very close to the final decision," he said. "That is despite the fact in these past few weeks we have already been progressively shifting our resources, as was planned by us before the summer break."