Nico Hulkenberg insists that he 'can't cry about the situation' after missing out on the chance to join Ferrari for the 2014 F1 season.

The Sauber driver was on the names mentioned as a possible replacement for Felipe Massa but missed out on the chance to partner Fernando Alonso when the Scuderia instead elected to re-sign Kimi Raikkonen.

Speaking to the official F1 website, Hulkenberg admitted there was disappointment at being overlooked for the but said it was something that he now had to put behind him.

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"There was a realistic chance, but there is no point in debating now how serious it was, all the 'ifs' and 'whens' and whether it was only a carrot-and-stick plot," he said. "It is over.

"Of course driving for Ferrari is absolutely special - it is a dream for pretty much every driver in the paddock. But it's history now - for the moment - and so there's no point in crying about the situation. What is important now is to refocus on my performance - especially this weekend- and on good results in the next couple of races, and then find a good solution for the future.

"It is a moment of disappointment, but that is Formula One. It is a very fast-moving business - and from every disappointment you have to move on. Right now it means that I won't be with Ferrari. For the rest I have to see what other options are available and find the best possible solution for me and my future."

Again admitting that the season hadn't gone to plan in terms of results, Hulkenberg added that he would now take his time to look at the options available to him for 2014.

"If you move to a new team that always comes with high expectations," he said. "You want good results to enhance your success curve, so this year has been disappointing for sure. We could not come close to the results we wanted to have - only 17 points from twelve races was not the idea.

"There is speculation everywhere - and I ignore it all. I want to prove my value on track. Rumour never got you anywhere. Of course, in the next couple of weeks I will look at the general situation I am in - what seats are available, where I could go and where I could fit - and then make a decision.

"My situation is unchanged: I have a personal sponsor, but I don't have a lot of backing in the background that I could bring to a team. So the simple truth is I have to drive better to convince a team."