Lewis Hamilton had not been in the best of spirits even before the start of the race, after admitting that his qualifying pace just hadn't been up to scratch. He was even less happy with how things had turned out with the race itself after dropping two costly positions at the start of the race that proved difficult to claw back for the rest of the evening.

"I didn't have the best start and had to go wide to avoid Mark at turn one," he explained, which allowed the Ferraris of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa to pass him. "From there, it was difficult to follow the race and my position. Whilst the timing of the safety car definitely didn't help us, we need to go back through our strategy and see what we could possibly have done differently in that situation."

Describing the race as "really tough race, probably the most physically demanding of the year.," Hamilton added that he and the team had tried their best but unfortunately not been able to overcome the shortfall in Saturday's qualifying performance.

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"I don't think we can come away from this weekend satisfied," he said. "It was disappointing to get the result that we got considering how hard we were pushing."

Hamilton also ended the race disgruntled by the lack of information from the Mercedes pit wall which left him in the dark about the outlook and how his main rivals were doing.

"I didn't see my pit board and no one told me what position I was in, so I thought with Mark dropping back we were progressing," he admitted. "Maybe the strategy wasn't the best, but nevertheless the guys did a great job and I hope at the next race we have a better chance."

Now that he's almost 100 points off Sebastian Vettel in the drivers' championship, Hamilton admitted that the title battle had "totally gone out the window" as far as he was concerned, and that now he would focus on overhauling Fernando Alonso for the runners-up spot.

"We just need to concentrate and get the Ferraris," he said. "We just have to try and catch Fernando somehow. He is ahead so we have to beat Ferrari and try to ride the wave that we are on as a team - it is a much better wave than they were on last year," he added.