Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he came within inches of hitting Mark Webber while returning to the the pit lane after the end of Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix, as the Red Bull driver was picking up a lift from Fernando Alonso on the sidepod of the Ferrari.

"I was doing my in-lap and came round the corner and Fernando was there - I was really shocked," revealed Hamilton. "If Mark [had been] walking across where I went, I would have run him over."

Hamilton added that he didn't have any problem with the idea of one driver giving another a lift back to pit lane after the end of the race, provided that it was done safely.

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"I think it's cool, like Nigel and Ayrton, and there's been times where I've driven past someone else and wished that I'd stopped," he said, referring back to the famous example in 1991 when Nigel Mansell stopped to pick up Aryton Senna at the end of the British Grand Prix.

"It's good for fans to see but as long as it's done in a safe manner, where we don't stop on the racing line," he said. "Maybe it should be allowed for the future."

Hamilton had been disappointed overall with his pace this weekend at Singapore, and a miscommunication with the team meant that he crossed the line thinking that he and team mate Nico Rosberg were finishing in second and third place rather than fourth and fifth.

"When I heard I was fifth, I was so shocked," he admitted. "It's not been the best of weekends, for sure. The result is disappointing for us all, especially as the car felt really competitive."

Hamilton admitted that this marked the end of any realistic chance of continuing to contend for the world championship in 2013, although he would still press for wins in the remaining six races of the season and to try and get himself and Mercedes into the runner-up positions in the championships ahead of Fernando Alonso and Ferrari.

"There's always a fight in me," he said. "Even in this race I still drove with the thought that I could still win, and that will remain the same for the rest of the year, but realistically he is 100 points away from me, he is always winning and he is going to continue on that curve."

After viewing just how far ahead of the rest of the field Vettel had been on Sunday in Singapore, Hamilton said that such domination would never be for him.

"I look at his on-board laps and it doesn't look or appear as if he is on the limit like some other drivers are," he said. "Sebastian is a long, long way ahead now and he's had the perfect weekend in a lot of races.

"I tried to imagine what it would be like if I was winning races the way he is winning races," Hamilton mused. "Me, I don't want to be able to be that far ahead, I want to be able to fight with him or whoever."

And Hamilton hit out against the recent tendency for fans to boo Vettel on the podium because of the championship leader's current run of domination on the track.

"It's definitely not a positive thing to hear that he has been booed," Hamilton stated. "I think booing is just such a negative thing, especially when somebody has worked so hard to be successful.

"Nobody should ever be booed, or put down, for their success, no matter how easy or hard it has been for them to get to where they are."