Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are all about allowing everyone to join in and contribute to the conversation.'s been committed to allowing that to happen for years as one of the most interactive motorsports sites on the Internet, so it's no wonder we're so keen on making sure we're putting social networking to the best possible use in 2013!

The site allows registered users to comment directly on every single story that we publish, and it shows just a knowledgeable and articulate bunch you can all be! We're proud of our 'Have Your Say' functionality but it amounts to nothing without our readers taking the time to contribute their thoughts about the day's news.

We also follow up every F1 and MotoGP race (and other events too!) with a 'driver of the day' poll so that you can choose who really came out top in a race, whether or not they made it to the top step on the podium.

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And it doesn't stop there, as we'll also ask you your thoughts on the race, on driver/rider transfers, on FIA/FIM rulings and how the season as a whole is progressing. We even hold definitive end-of-year votes on the best driver in each championship - and who comes out as the ultimate motorsports racing personality of the year!

If you want to make sure that your voice is heard, then don't miss out - follow us on Twitter or 'like' the page at so that you're always in the know about the latest news and the opportunity to have your say on what's going on in your favourite sport.

Think we could do more to help facilitate the conversation about your favourite racing events? Then let us know! We're always on the lookout for how we can make even better, so if you have any helpful hints and ideas then let us know.

You can contact is either through the comments or by sending us some feedback via the Contact Us page or else with a tweet on Twitter!