Much has been made of the repetitive scenes at the end of each F1 grand prix, where a section of the crowd under the podium decides to boo Sebastian Vettel, particularly if he is standing on the top step.

The reason for the catcalls remains unclear.

On one hand, it is suggested that they are the result of Vettel's actions in Malaysia, where he appeared to deny Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber a hard-earned victory just as the Australian believed that team orders had instructed them to hold station.

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On the other, it is because Vettel is accused of making F1 boring through his sheer dominance, which has been greater than ever since the summer break, with victories in Belgium, Italy and, most recently, Singapore putting him on the brink of a fourth successive world title.

Vettel suggested, from the top of the Marina Bay podium, that the most vocal section of the crowd was on tour, visiting each grand prix stop to voice its disappointment at Ferrari being beaten on a regular basis, but has it now become a copycat epidemic, with someone having to boo just because it has been done before?

Are the jeers even justified? Both Martin Brundle and David Coulthard have said that it is time for the boo-boys to call an end to their antics, claiming that the victor be afforded the praise and plaudits his performance deserved, regardless of whether the crowd wanted a different face on the top step.

One fears for Vettel's fate had he been successful in the Roman amphitheatres....

So what we want to know is whether you agree with messrs Brundle and Coulthard - not to mention Red Bull team boss Christian Horner - and want to see an end to the booing.

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