Even the most ardent and committed motorsports fan will sometimes find that their race enjoyment has to take a back seat to a pressing real world commitment. As frustrating as it it to miss out on the live action, there's plenty of ways that Crash.net can help ensure you don't feel as though you're out of the loop.

If you follow us on Twitter then you'll get our minute-by-minute live commentaries of the latest MotoGP, F1 Grand Prix and WSBK races delivered to your mobile wherever you are. And it doesn't stop at the chequered flag: we'll also send you tweets letting you know when we've posted the full race results, and when we add a comprehensive and detailed race report recapping all the events. And of course, you'll also be on top of all the follow up news and analysis as soon as it appears on Crash.net.

Every tweet contains a link which means by clicking on it on your smartphone, you'll go direct to the page containing all the details so it's not just a case of having to put up with everything boiled down to 140 characters all the time - you'll have all the information on hand that you would if you were sitting in your favourite chair watching the race in the comfort of your own home!

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You can even set Twitter to send you text messages with all the latest news, and the texts will also contain the links to the stories - making it even easier to keep on top of developments. And if you have a smartphone app for Facebook then you can also make sure you get all the latest news by 'liking' the Crash.net page at facebook.com/CrashdotNet.

With so many ways to keep up-to-date there's really no excuse for you not to be out on the road when you need to be (sorry about that!) But if you think we could be doing even more to help you out when your schedules clash, then let us know by sending any helpful hints and ideas through the comments section below or else by sending us some feedback via the Contact Us page if you prefer - or else why not send us a tweet?