Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery says a deal is close to confirm a new tyre contract for the 2014 F1 season.

The Italian company has been sole supplier since 2011 but has faced a tough ride in recent seasons, including the fall-out from a 'secret' test with Mercedes earlier in the season and the fall-out from the failures that occurred during the British Grand Prix.

Despite those problems, Pirelli has always insisted it is keen to continue in the sport beyond the end of its current deal, which draws to a close at the end of the current campaign.

No deal is yet in place, but Hembery insisted that was simply down to the fact that Pirelli was awaiting confirmation from the FIA on the deal, with agreement having been reached with both Bernie Ecclestone and the teams.

"We have lots of signatures [on contracts]," he told ESPN. "There are just a couple of little legal bits that are being tied up. If you put lawyers in a room they always come up with something new. We are working on something going forward, we have agreements with all the teams and the promoter.

"We've had indications that the final pieces of paperwork should be done in the very near future."

While a deal may be close however, Hembery also revealed that Pirelli was still seeking a solution to the testing issues that have arisen this year, with the supplier arguing that it needs to be able to use an up to date car for testing purposes.

"There's still a long way to go to find a way of testing," Pirelli's director of motorsport Paul Hembery said. "It seems to be a very long road and you sometimes get an 'okay', but it seems to be one step forward and then two back. It's down to the paranoia really between teams that we can't find a solution, but a solution does need to be found.

"Some of the proposals we've made have not been accepted. It's the paranoia thing, what we need to do our job is not what the teams would like to do. It's got to the situation where it's impractical, we can't actually do tyre development with the proposal we've had from the teams.

"Well, there isn't a proposal from the team; it's either test on a Friday - which we've proven is impossible because you can't do development testing with multiple solutions - and the other option is in-season testing, but they'd like to test every single car with the same thing, which by the nature [of the tyres] is using prototype materials and we don't have enough of them to go making lots of sets. From our point of view it would be a waste of time and money for the whole sport. It's a little bit of an impasse and we don't seem to have any solution yet."