Yes, motorsports is a serious business. And those of us who are big fans of a motor racing championship take it very seriously, too. But also knows that every now and then it's good to let off some steam, kick back and have some fun as well.

That's why we like to bring you some light-hearted entertainment with our top selection of Grid Girls from around the world to feast your eyes on every week, and why at quieter periods we do our best to liven things up with regular quizzes about recent events in F1, MotoGP and other series. Not only can you test your knowledge on what's been happening in the last few weeks and on more arcane trivia from years past, it's also a fun way to pick up news and trivia you might otherwise miss over a typical race weekend.

Add to that our regular offering of polls and there's always plenty of not-quite-so-serious diverting activities on the site to keep you entertained.

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And while is always striving to be first with the facts and to ensure that everything we post is fair, accurate and unbiased, we also have the opportunity to bring you some of the latest not-entirely-serious gossip and rumour from the F1, MotoGP, WRC and WRC paddocks as well as all the other championships we cover every week of the racing year. It's amazing how many times some of these completely unfounded scurrilous rumours has ended up not only having a grain of truth to it, but actually being dead-on accurate! Kimi Raikkonen seems to be especially good for that sort of thing...

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That's plenty of ways of keeping up to date with the site and ensuring that you never miss out on any of the fun, or any of the latest breaking news in your favourite championship. But if you can think of an idea for something that might be useful to you that would come in useful then do let us know by sending any helpful hints and ideas through the comments section below or else by sending us some feedback via the Contact Us page if you prefer.

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