Do you recall the 2011 German Grand Prix, when Lewis Hamilton saw off Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber to win at the Nurburgring?

If so, you might recall that Alonso was told to park his car as a precaution by Ferrari after crossing the line and was forced to look for a way to get back to Parc Ferme in time for the podium.

You can guess who he ended up getting a lift with...

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"Last Sunday, you may have seen me give Fernando a lift back to the pits," Webber wrote in his BBC Sport column at the time. "It did not strike me at the time but a lot of people said it turned back the clock to when Ayrton Senna hitched a ride on Nigel Mansell'scar after Nige had won the 1991 British Grand Prix.

"I saw Fernando had stopped so I pulled up beside him and tapped on my side-pod to see if he wanted a lift. He gave me the thumbs up.

"I was pretty keen for him to get out of his car and hop on mine quickly as I was keeping an eye on the car's temperatures. We conducted all of this in sign language but there was no miscommunication!

"Once he was comfortable and had a good grip of the car, we made our way back to the pits. I heard that David Coulthard and Martin Brundle were a bit nervous on the BBC commentary that we might be breaking the rules but everyone took the gesture in the spirit it was intended."

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