Jonathan Palmer reckons the teams in F1 would be able to do 22 races next season, even if it would be a 'challenge' and even if there won't be any room for slip ups.

His comments come in the wake of publication of the provisional calendar for F1 2014 on Friday, potentially featuring the most races ever seen in one grand prix season, although three events - namely those in Korea, New Jersey and Mexico - are listed as provisional.

"It won't be too much - it will be a challenge and it will be hard work, but at F1 level the teams are immensely professional and organised and the systems will be in place for it to be executed satisfactorily," Palmer told Sky Sports F1 Online.

"I am sure there will be some weary people and there won't be any room to slip up, but I am sure it will unfold very well indeed," added the former Williams and Tyrrell driver, who raced in F1 during 1983 to 1989, taking in over 80 grands prix.


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