Nico Hulkenberg is 'fairly confident' he will have signed a deal for next season by the end of the month.

The young German remains one of the most highly-rated drivers on the grid despite enduring a difficult season with Sauber, and is one of the candidates under serious consideration by Lotus, after Kimi Raikkonen opted to defect and re-join Ferrari from 2014.

Speaking ahead of the Korean Grand Prix in Yeongam, when quizzed on his future and when he expects things to be sorted, Hulkenberg told ESPN: "Soon... one, two or three weeks."

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"These things take time," he continued. "You speak to each other, you see what you come up with together and it's the usual talks.

"There is no issues or nothing major, but like I said these things are a bit time consuming to finalise everything.

"I'm fairly confident but I also learned my lesson in 2010 [when I was dropped by Williams at the end of that year]; take nothing for granted!" he concluded.