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Webber: Singapore video misleading

4 October 2013

Mark Webber insists that the CCTV footage that saw him handed a reprimand following the Singapore Grand Prix was misleading, and didn't give a true reflection of what happened when he elected to take a ride back to the paddock on Fernando Alonso's Ferrari.

Both drivers were given a reprimand after stewards saw CCTV footage that showed Webber entering the track after the race to climb aboard Alonso's car, which had stopped on the racing line on the exit of turn seven.

That footage showed the two Mercedes drivers taking avoiding action to go around Alonso's car as he stopped to collect Webber, resulting in Alonso being punished for stopping in a dangerous manner.

Webber's own reprimand for entering the track without the permission of marshals was his third of the year, which triggered a ten-place grid penalty for Korea this weekend.

However, the Australian insisted that the footage that had ultimately seen him penalised didn't tell the whole story…

"I saw both Mercedes in the straight; I'm in the escape road," he was quoted by ESPN. "The camera angle is facing one way and if you look at it from the other way I have a good view before they start turning in. I'm in the escape road so I can see down to the kink. I saw all the guys arriving - I saw all that - and then once you go round the corner obviously you know that they've got you. But if Lewis passed me at the grand old speed of 56kmh then OK, sorry.

"Kimi stopped as well. I thought Kimi, Jenson or Fernando and I got two out of the three. Kimi left, Fernando waited, jump on, job done … they're just the guys I thought of that would probably like an Aussie lift."

Webber added that, while annoyed to have been penalised, he felt a penalty earlier in the year was the one that had been crucial.

"I got the penalty for not asking the marshal to walk on the track but there was no communication anyway, so that's what the penalty was for and that was it,” he said. "I probably go back to the first reprimand in Bahrain to be honest … that's what I mean, don't get me started on reprimands."