Lewis Hamilton insists that a damp start to the Korean Grand Prix won't necessarily play into his hands as he attempts to best Sebastian Vettel from the front row of the grid.

As the F1 paddock waits to see if a passing typhoon has any effect on raceday - and latest predictions suggest only a 40 per cent chance of rain, let along the high winds and downpours forecast ahead of the weekend - Hamilton maintained that he needed to take a longer-term view of the event.

"[A wet start] wouldn't make any difference," he told the official F1 website, "The car is good, so we will take it as it comes. A race on a track like this is never won at the start, so we will focus on our strategy and stay as close as we can in the race to grab the chance should it arise. I will attack as much as I can - I have nothing to lose. [Vettel] has more to lose than I do."

Hamilton admits to be a fan of the Yeongam circuit and hopes to make that pay if he can keep in touch with Vettel over the first phase of the race.

"This track is great to drive - I like it a bit more aggressive and here you can do it," he explained, "Of course, it is another matter if we are fast enough, though.

"I came into the weekend knowing that [Red Bull] have an advantage and I was going out [in qualifying] to make the best out of my situation. Pole position is not such an easy business here. You've got two long straights that you have to drive through. But these straights could be our advantage tomorrow - and our long-run pace. Let's wait and see."

Asked if he had a strategy for the race, Hamilton resorted to type...

"Going as fast as possible - and, if there is a gap, going through! Does that sound logical?" he smiled, "Normally the Red Bull just goes. But there is hope that tomorrow it will be different. I will do my best to make it different!"