Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery has repeated his call for the various F1 teams to stop thinking about their own interests and come up with a tyre testing solution that helps everyone.

The Briton's comments come after a Korean Grand Prix weekend in which Pirelli came under fire from both Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber, and which saw Sergio Perez suffer a delamination, which the company subsequently blamed on a flat-spot caused under braking on a set of tyres already past their recommended usage.

Hembery has always been vocal about the equipment provided to Pirelli for the purpose of testing new tyres, lamenting the fact that apparent paranoia amongst teams that has prevented it from having access to anything more 'modern' than a 2010-spec car. Current testing regulations also insist that only cars of more than two years vintage can be used for testing - a rule highlighted by the controversial three-day session involving Mercedes in Barcelona back in May.

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Despite the test causing controversy as it involved a 2013-spec W04, and resulted in Mercedes being suspended from the Young Driver test at Silverstone in July, Pirelli has pressed on with attempts to test its products, running 2011-spec Red Bull and Ferrari cars. However, a planned run with McLaren at the Circuit of the Americas in the next couple of weeks has been canned after rivals objected to the Woking team running at the venue ahead of the USGP.

Hembery is particularly concerned that the new engine and drivetrain rules set for 2014 will move the goalposts again and, despite promising a more conservative approach for the first season, wants access to a more modern car and data relevant to the latest technical package [ see separate story].

"We're running around in a 2010 car, developing tyres for the 2014 car, and nobody really knows what it's going to look like," Hembery told journalists in Yeongam, "Yet, every time we even ask to test with a 2011 car, we come up against opposition.

"Going forward, to do what we need to do, we need to have the ability to test and help everybody - drivers and teams. Whilst nobody wants to think they're going to get an advantage in testing, you can't carry on going round in circles and decide to do nothing. Something has to change.

"Ideally, at the end of the season, we'd like to see some use of these [2013] cars because they're the quickest we've got at the moment. It would make sense to use them because, for the majority of the teams, they'll be of little relevance anyway."

There has been talk of a possible post-season test at Interlagos after the 2013 finale, and Hembery is keen to push forward with that as the nature of the Brazilian venue, and its tarmac in particular, would produce the sort of conditions Pirelli wants to develop rubber that produces fewer marbles - and, theoretically, would allow more overtaking in future.

"There are things, as a sport, we need to improve on, which is something that is starting to be recognised," he concluded, "We're still talking about trying to sort testing out and we're in October. However, a number of the team principals have said we need to do something differently, and we obviously agree with that."