Mercedes boss Ross Brawn says the team would have consider rotating its personnel if each race on the F1 calendar announced by the FIA goes ahead as planned.

The sport is set to feature its biggest ever schedule next year with 22 races having been announce, although Korea, New Jersey and Mexico were all listed as provisional.

With testing to run alongside the races, teams are facing up to the prospect of a long and demanding season, with Brawn admitting that Mercedes would look to spread the load amongst its staff if every race planned does go ahead.

"I think 22 races will definitely be the point at which we start rotating," he told Sky Sports. "Because it's not just 22 races; there's four tests as well and the pre-season tests start four weeks earlier than they have previously. We're testing in January and going through racing until the end of November, so it is pretty heavy.

"We're looking at strengthening the team so we can start rotation. I think there are other motorsports that do that like NASCAR, so it's feasible. It's mainly mechanics and garage technicians and so on, so you're talking about half a dozen or eight people."

Brawn added that rotating staff would however lead to certain challenges that the team would need to overcome.

"The challenge is always the performance, particularly with pit stops," he said. "It's something we've focused on this year, to have some rotation at pit stops, so that if someone is ill or can't make a race for some reason, then we know we have a good performance in the crew.

"We always make sure there are all sorts of people we can substitute. They're 'on the bench' ready to come off."


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