Undeterred by the FIA's decision to veto plans for a test at the Circuit of the Americas, McLaren and Pirelli have rescheduled the session for Vallelunga in Italy.

The governing body last week decided that testing in Austin ahead of the US Grand Prix - albeit with the team's test drivers and a 2011-spec chassis - was not in the spirit of the regulations, forcing both McLaren and Pirelli to rethink plans to evaluate next year's F1 rubber elsewhere. Instead of using a regular F1 circuit, however, the pair have opted for the lesser-known Vallelunga - which was last used for an F1 test in 2006 - for a two-day session next month.

With the test due to fall between the Abu Dhabi and US grands prix, McLaren will continue to employ drivers and personnel from other than the race team, with sporting director Sam Michael telling reporters at the Japanese Grand Prix that one of the team's test drivers, possibly Oliver Turvey, would be behind the wheel.

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"It'll be a test driver, it won't be a race driver," he confirmed, "We'll use our heritage group to run an old car, a 2011 car that we use for demos. We might borrow one or two support staff, but we probably should be able to contain it within the heritage and the sport group."

Both Michael and Pirelli confirmed that the test, scheduled for 11-12 November, remained subject to approval by FIA.