Jenson Button says he feels that McLaren 'understands what to do' when it comes to its 2014 car as it seeks rebound from a disastrous 2013 F1 season.

Button and team-mate Sergio Perez have failed to make it onto the podium this season, with the Woking-based team languishing down in fifth place in the constructors' championship - a massive 362 points down on current leaders Red Bull.

With the team having all but written off the current season to look towards the future, Button said he was hopeful that McLaren would be back on form next year when fresh regulations come into force.

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"I think the important thing when you're building next year's car is to understand what's going to work and what's not going to work," he told the Guardian. "We've been around the block and we've made the mistakes whereas Red Bull haven't, it doesn't seem, but we know exactly where we don't want to put the car.

"It does narrow the window and I think we understand what to do with next year's car. I'm not saying it's going to be race-winning because no one knows, but I have a feeling we have a good understanding of why this car isn't.

"Because there is such a big change it's exciting for most teams up and down the field. New regulations, new ideas and things to work on. I think that's really interesting to people in F1 as it can get a bit stale for them, this is such a big change I think everyone's really excited about the challenge, as they should be."

Button added that the current situation continued to pain him but the 2009 title winner insisted that the Woking-based team was united in its desire to turn things around.

"It hurts like hell," he said. "If you haven't ever won a grand prix or won a world championship it doesn't hurt quite as much but when you have been there and that's where you normally are, at least fighting for a world championship, even though it hasn't happened for a while, it really does hurt.

"I don't see this happening for long. We have the whole of the factory, several hundred people - we have the resources to pull ourselves out of it, we have the expertise, it will happen, you have just got to hope that it happens next year."