Jenson Button doesn't expect to be able to do more than fight for 'minor' points this weekend at India's Buddh International Circuit.

The McLaren driver is on a good run in terms of points' finishes, and has scored now in every single race since the German GP back in July.

However, despite taking seven consecutive top-ten finishes, he hasn't finished any higher than sixth, and knows that improving on the fifth place he managed in China way back in April, will require extraordinary circumstances as well as a great big dollop of good luck.

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"The last few races have shown that, realistically, we'll once again be fighting for the minor points [in India]," Button confirmed ahead of Sunday's 16th round in the 2013 F1 World Championship.

"Still, I enjoyed my races in Korea and particularly Japan - where it was both satisfying and unusual to be armed with fresh tyres and able to pick off cars on older rubber, as opposed to the other way round - so I'll be looking to take the fight to some of the faster cars once again this weekend."

"It [the Buddh International Circuit] is such a great racetrack - it's fast, flowing and challenging," added JB, who finished second in the inaugural Indian GP in 2011 and fifth in the race in 2012.

"It's pretty technical too, which is quite unusual for a fast circuit, but the flow from one corner to the next means that positioning the car is quite critical if you don't want to fall out of the rhythm and lose time.

"Track positioning is also important because several areas of the circuit are extremely wide, and narrow down from corner-entry to exit."

"The long back straight will once again make it important to balance the car's gearing and downforce for maximum speed with DRS. That straight, and the braking zone into Turn Four, are probably the most straightforward places on the circuit upon which to overtake.

"In fact, the rest of the circuit is quite fast, with only a single racing line, so trying to get past during the rest of the lap is tricky," he summed-up.