Pastor Maldonado has further fuelled speculation he might switch teams next season after he confirmed there is no guarantee he will remain with Williams.

Maldonado had been expected to stay with the Grove-based outfit, and earlier this month confirmed as much at the race in Japan. However, since then the story has developed, and it no longer appears quite so clear cut, and while there has also been speculation he might not remain in F1 at all, he is adamant he will definitely be on the grid in 2014.

"Next year, we'll see," he teased reporters on Thursday in India, according to Sky Sports F1. "There is a lot of rumours from everywhere. [One report says] my relationship with the team is broke. [But] I'm here, racing, with everyone.

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"For sure the season has been quite hard for myself, for the team. We've been working together - I've never worked like that in my life, it's been very hard.

"In my three years in the team I've never seen the team working like they work. They try to do all the best, but sometimes F1 is like that. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. In this time it's not a good moment for the team.

"Next year I have a contract in the team. [But] you never know. At the moment I have not taken any decision, which is [set to happen in] the next couple of races."

"For sure I will continue [in F1 in 2014], but I don't know if it's here at Williams, or somewhere else," he added. "I'm one of the most interested to be confirmed, to announce my situation for next year.

"As soon as we can, it will be there."