Mark Webber said he was pleased with his decision to run a different strategy after taking fourth place on the grid for the Indian Grand Prix.

Unlike the three cars ahead, Webber elected to qualify on the medium compound tyre, which has been noticeably slower than the soft tyre but has also been more durable.

Setting a time within a second of Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel, Webber was the highest placed driver on the grid to adopt the alternate strategy, which should give him the opportunity to run a longer opening stint on race day as those on soft tyres are expected to be forced to pit within the opening ten laps.

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Speaking afterwards, Webber said he felt the strategy gamble was one worth taking and admitted he was surprised to be as high up the grid as he was.

"We thought it was worth trying something a little bit different with the strategy today, so that's why we ran the primes in Q3," he said. "We thought we would probably be a bit further back than the second row to be honest, so it turned out to be a good session for us.

"It's not easy to manage the primes when you just get a look at them in Q3, but I think we did a good job and we didn't leave too much out there. We're in a good position to capitalise on a different approach tomorrow. The option tyre shouldn't last too long and we'll be on a different strategy.

"That said, I'll still have to use the softer tyre in the race at some point, so let's see."