We all knew it was coming - if not this week, then surely at Abu Dhabi - but that doesn't make Sebastian Vettel's achievement any less special. By winning the race in India on Sunday, he's clinched his fourth world championship title.

That puts him on an even footing with Alain Prost, who also won four titles. But the Frenchman didn't win his back-to-back, whereas Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher both did as they secured a total of five and seven titles respectively in the course of their careers. Whichever way you slice it, when you're talking about adding to names and records like that then you really are talking about a slice of history they'll be referring to for decades to come.

So were you watching when it all happened? If not, why not! But if you did have other real life stuff to take care of, then rest assured that Crash.net has your back and brings you all the latest news and developments from the race that you need to know, so that you never really have to miss out. We ran a live text commentary of the whole of the Indian GP that was shared on Twitter, so you can relive the events 'as they happened' by checking out the complete record of the race.

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Even if you were watching live, you might have have missed some of the post-race developments - Vettel's inevitable reprimand from the killjoy race stewards for his celebratory burnout for example, or the fall-out at Lotus from Kimi Raikkonen's in-race defiance. We've got all that too, just as we'll keep on bringing you the breaking news as attention turns to this weekend's race at Abu Dhabi.

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