Kimi Raikkonen says he is looking forward to returning to the Yas Marina circuit for this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but not necessarily because he won there last year.

While admitting that his first victory since returning to F1 at the start of the season was a decent reward for the effort he and the Lotus team had put in during a competitive season, the win itself still does not hold a particular place in his heart.

"I was very happy for the team, and myself obviously, but mainly for the all the crew and everyone at Enstone," Raikkonen reasoned, "It was a hard season, so the win was well deserved for everyone and just what we needed.

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"It was something great for all the fans who have continued to support me and the team too but, for me, it was just another win on the list. It's great, of course, because it had been a few years, but the wins before were very similar - we didn't have the best car, but we fought hard and still won.

"[Heading back to Abu Dhabi], you just approach it like any race. I had a good result there last year, but I had a very boring race there the first time I visited in 2009. I'd prefer to have another good result, but you don't know how strong you'll be until you get to the circuit."

The 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the first to feature on the F1 calendar, closed the book on Raikkonen's first stint in the top flight before he left Ferrari and headed for a two-year sabbatical in the World Rally Championship.

"That was a boring one, I can tell you!" he grimaced, "I finished back in twelfth position and there was nothing I could do about it. Those sorts of races are not the best."

Despite that, however, the Finn enjoys Yas Marina and the unique characteristics it brings to its grand prix.

"It's a great place to go," Raikkonen admitted, "It's good to race at a circuit where you have had a strong result before. The facilities are second to none. The track layout makes it really challenging for overtaking, as there are not too many places to pass, so you really have to qualify well to be at the front and get a strong result from there.

"It's a track where you really hope to get everything nicely together during the whole weekend. When you succeed with that, it's a good place to race. I have had one very boring race being stuck in the middle group and then one great race fighting for the victory at the top. I know which I prefer.... and a race like last year would be good, rather than the one I had there in 2009."

Coming off a frustrating Indian Grand Prix will give Raikkonen extra motivation to do well in Abu Dhabi, as he remains 24 points adrift of Fernando Alonso in the race for the runners-up spot in this year's drivers' championship.

"We tried something different with a one-stop strategy [in India] and it didn't work, but we didn't lose anything by making a late second stop over running the normal two-stop strategy," the 2007 world champion reflected, "I had a brake problem, where they were overheating for all of the race, and this got worse in traffic so I couldn't overtake.

"You cannot plan [an overtaking move] beforehand. Often an occasion comes suddenly and you have to jump on it immediately. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes not. More often nowadays you have to sit for quite a while behind somebody to work out where you can do it. Sometimes you just have to wait to see if the guy in front makes a mistake or if his tyres are finished quicker than yours - and that's when you do it."

Of course, there are also some particular features that make Abu Dhabi so enticing to F1's maverick...

"I like to be on a familiar time zone, so you can wake up normally and do everything in the expected order," he revealed, "The circuit is connected to a big entertainment centre and, for me, the hotel is walking distance from the track - which I like. Having a mixture of day and night makes a different challenge from circuits that we see anywhere else. We start with the sun and finish with the lights and that's one of nice things with this race, especially with it starting so late - an evening race means I can get up later!"