Pastor Maldonado has said it will ultimately be his decision where he ends up next year, as he ponders his options for the F1 2014 season.

The Venezuelan is being tipped to leave Williams and join Lotus, with the F1 grapevine suggesting he has already signed a deal to go to Enstone and take over the seat vacated by Kimi Raikkonen.

However it has also been suggested that he has opened talks with Sauber and that Force India could be a possibility too.

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Maldonado himself is remaining tight-lipped and continues to insist nothing has been decided.

"The decision will be down to me so I prefer to take some more time," he told reporters on Thursday, according to "I really hope to have a decision before the end of the season and there are still a couple of weeks to go, so we'll see.

"I cannot guarantee I will leave the [Williams] team or stay. The decision is very important; it is my third season in my career so it's a very important moment professionally for me. I want to have the best decision for my future.

"I have a couple of options and for sure I am trying to move away and time is going away so I really want to have a clear answer. I'm talking with my people and we will choose the best decision and the best team for me.

"The decision over where I will be is 100% down to me at the moment. It's a big responsibility and because of that I'm taking my time and I don't want to make any mistakes. I will be happy having good people with motivation and it will be a new era for F1 so it will be important to have a good work ethic in the team."

Maldonado's career to date has been bankrolled by the Venezuelan state-owned PDVSA oil and natural gas company and is rumoured to be worth around 35 million euros a year to the Williams team. Interestingly, though, Maldonado said that it is not a given that the money will follow him.

"Many teams are struggling with money and I cannot guarantee I will have or not have money because I am not paying.

"For sure in my career I have a strong sponsor in my bag, which is quite good and it helps the team. They have helped the Williams team a lot in the past three years and I hope if I move then I hope they come with me, but I cannot guarantee that," he explained.