Christian Horner insists it would be easy for people to get complacent about Red Bull's run of success in F1 and simply assume that the team will take victory each time out.

The team has taken victory in the last seven races thanks to Sebastian Vettel, who wrapped up the championship title for the fourth successive season in the process.

The German could now match Michael Schumacher's record for wins in a single year if he takes victory in the final two races of the campaign, with some bookmakers making the 26-year-old odds on to take victory in both the USA and Brazil.

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However, Horner said it wasn't a given that the German would remain unbeaten and said the current run of success was down to hard work from all areas of the Milton Keynes-based team.

"I think it's very easy for people to become complacent and expect that a Red Bull victory is almost pre-described - but that isn't the case," he said. "Every race that we go to is a challenge and I think the satisfaction about this year is seeing how the team has continued to develop and has continued to improve across all areas - whether that is down to strategy strategy, to our pitstops or whether it down to the developments that Adrian's team have been bringing to the car at each grand prix.

"Beyond that there's been the progress that Sebastian's made and seeing him raise the bar yet again. The level at which he's driven this year has been absolutely magnificent. It's been phenomenal what he's managed to achieve.

"To have won eleven Grands Prix with two races still to go and to see the consistency and accuracy with which he's driven; it's been a pleasure to see and a pleasure to be part of. It's great to see that being appreciated as well now."

Red Bull's most recent success means it has now taken four double championship wins in just nine seasons since taking control of the Jaguar team at the end of 2004.

Having been head of the team since joining the grid, Horner has seen the highs and the lows but he admitted that he hadn't expected the success that the team is now enjoying.

"We had a dream and we had aspirations as a team, but to go on and achieve what the team has is quite phenomenal," he said. "I don't think we could ever have imagined certainly the success we've seen over the last four years and of course a key moment for us in the team was Adrian joining us back in 2006 and building a structure and a group with the desire and determination to try and compete in with the best. It's an unbelievably strong team."