Fernando Alonso has admitted that taking victory in the final race of the 2013 F1 season is going to be difficult, but that that will not stop him believing it possible.

The Spaniard, aided by the inclement conditions at Interlagos, equalled his best qualifying result of the season by taking third spot behind Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg, and admitted that he would still line up on Sunday afternoon optimistic that things would go his way.

With further mixed conditions expected for the race, Alonso revealed that he was happier with the set-up of his Ferrari, and promised to give everything in pursuit of a first victory since standing on the top step of the podium in his home event in May.

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"I think it's going to be very difficult but, obviously, every Grand Prix you go to, inside, even in a small percentage, you have to think of victory, because we are competitors and we like to win every race we go to," he told journalists.

"But we also need to be realistic and don't tell our fans, our team, our people that, tomorrow, we have a high chance to win the race. That is not true, so we will try to do our best, and see whatever the position is at the end. What we have to do is to maximise what is available and, for sure, comparing the last five or six events we've been through, there was probably zero chance to win the race. Tomorrow there's maybe a small chance - but very small.

The Scuderia, of course, is still locked in battle over second place in the constructors' championship, while still coming under threat from Lotus for third in the standings. Having qualified ahead of both the Enstone entries, Alonso is more optimistic that Ferrari can prevail in that encounter at least.

"I think it's going to be tough as, obviously, second place in the constructors' is getting very difficult," he noted, "The Mercedes were very strong all weekend, so I expect them to be very strong tomorrow as well.

"But we cannot forget Lotus, that they have been scoring a lot of points in the last races, and that they are also a threat for third in the constructors', so it's good to have them behind. It's also good to have Felipe [Massa] performing well today, with both Ferraris in Q3 and, hopefully, tomorrow, both Ferraris can be in good points.

"I think mixed conditions would be the best thing - and that's what it's going to be, probably, with the weather forecast we have. We saw today how quickly it goes from extreme to nearly dry, so tomorrow will be fun, and, failing anything, I can have a very good last race with Ferrari."