Given his searing pace in the wet conditions in qualifying on Saturday for today's Brazilian Grand Prix, you'd expect Sebastian Vettel to be in favour of a wet race in Sao Paulo for the final outing of the 2013 world championship season.

"It's great to start from pole," he said after finishing more than six tenths clear of Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso at the end of a delayed Q3. "Very happy with the laps I had in the end in these tricky conditions. Hopefully we can carry that momentum into the race, no matter what the conditions."

But despite the fact that every session of this Grand Prix weekend so far has been hit by inclement weather, Vettel pointed out that this didn't mean that a wet race would be his preference or the easier scenario to prepare for.

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"I don't think we had that many laps in the wet, to be honest, because we were all of us trying to save tyres as much as we can," he said. "Especially yesterday - we only had one set - and this morning."

Not that things will be easier if the rain holds off for once. "It's a long race, seventy laps here. We've seen in the past that it's not that easy to make the tyres last, depending on your strategy so it will be difficult if it's dry but then again, it will be same for everyone.

"But obviously the track is very green because we didn't have dry conditions before, so I think that will make it tricky," he continued. "I think it's important that whoever has the best guess coming here, in terms of set-up, to ensure that your car is fine, not just for one lap in the wet conditions.

"The typical wet set-up doesn't exist any more - at least for us," he pointed out. "In the past, the races that we had, there's not that much difference.

"For sure we tried to go a little bit in a direction that helps us for wet conditions after the first or second practice yesterday but I wouldn't call it a wet set-up, because usually in the wet you put more wing on, you lift the car, things like this," he added. "But to be honest, the last couple of years, it has been pretty frozen when you went from dry to wet set-up, or dry to wet conditions."

Vettel said that he expected race day to be changeable when it came to the weather, with the likelihood of spells of both dry and wet running which means a whole new complication and challenge to the world champion and his Red Bull team as they seek a historic ninth consecutive Grand Prix victory in 2013.

"It could be 50:50," Vettel offered. "It looks to be the best day that we have out of the last two but, yeah, we don't know, anything is possible here. We saw in the race last year how quickly things can change."

But such challenges and opportunities to make history are what makes it worthwhile for a racing driver to get up in the morning, as Vettel was quick to agree.

"Yeah, looking forward to the race in general," he nodded. "I have a special memory when coming here, and you always believe something can happen here because the chance is there."