Ever since Mark Webber announced that he would be quitting F1 earlier in the season, he has been asked to list the things that stood out from his twelve years in the top flight.

Naturally, as the season wound towards its conclusion, the questions became more and more frequent, and the finale at Interlagos was no different, with the Australian's final FIA press conference containing another request for him to name the things he would and would not miss as he moves back into sportscar racing with Porsche.

Rather than listing the highs and lows of his career, however, Webber reflected on things that his rivals would probably agree with when their time to retire arrives.

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"What will I miss most about F1?" he mused, "I think there are some special circuits which we race on: obviously Suzuka, Spa, Monte Carlo, Silverstone - even here to a degree.

"There are some really nice circuits which, when you have the car in the window, particularly in qualifying, there's not much that can please a driver more. Having the car on the edge, and having yourself on the edge in the ultimate machine, that is something which I will miss.

"But you also have to respect that you want to make sure that you're getting the best out of yourself in that scenario. If you think you're a little bit off, then it's not as rewarding as it once was. I will miss those scenarios.

"I will also miss the perfection that goes on in this game, especially with a team like Red Bull, the amount of work that goes in, the details. It's quite inspiring to watch the relentless approach with the work, that's something which I've learned a lot and I will take it to future challenges around the corner."

Of course, on the flip side of the good, there were also a few things that Webber insisted that he would be happy to leave behind next season.

"I'm looking to pull the travel back down a little bit, to spending a bit more time with the people that helped me to get to where I am," he noted, "I'm not young, but I'm not old, I'm in the window, so it's a good time for me to get that balance, to have a little less intensity in my private life and also in my professional life.

"It doesn't mean that I'm not going to be pushing hard with Porsche - obviously. I will be pushing very hard with those guys - but, in this game, you need to be on it all the time and I'm finding that more and more difficult. It's a chance for me to finish strongly, which I've done."

Webber had a parting suggestion for the F1 world, however, having enjoyed the scenario a dry Brazilian Grand Prix presented after two solid days of rain.

"Maybe it's what Bernie [Ecclestone] should do [every time]" he claimed, "He should just have Sunday afternoons, [so we] just turn up for Sundays and just race from there because it was a pretty good start to the grand prix, with all of us getting into the groove with no dry running. It was challenging for the teams and the drivers..."