Ferrari technical director James Allison says the team is ready to challenge for honours in the 2014 F1 season after again failing to pick up any championship silverware this year.

Fernando Alonso could only take a distant second in the drivers' standings behind Sebastian Vettel while Ferrari trailed in third behind Red Bull and Mercedes in the constructors' standings.

The Scuderia will hope to return to form next season to take the fight to Red Bull and the rest, with Allison - who joined from Lotus earlier in the year - insisting that Ferrari was fully focused on returning to the top.

"I have found a team hungry and determined to get back to the top of the podium at every race and championship," he told Sky Italia. "It is a team that is optimistic for the future and is looking forward to dominating the sport again.

"[We have made] a series of investments made on the engineer, personnel and equipment side which we are going to reap the rewards of over the next several years."

Ferrari has worked on development of its 2014 car using Toyota's windtunnel in Cologne while its own had been undergoing refurbishment work during the course of the current season.

With its Maranello facility now back in action however, Allison said the team would be able to work on improving its aerodynamic performance in-season in a move which could play a major part in deciding how the 2014 season pans out.

"F1 is not a quick-fix sport," he said. "It is an incredibly difficult organisation to get every single aspect right, and you need every aspect right to win a world championship.

"The team has been one-by-one picking off its weak points. It's a work we will need to continue and a work we will never stop doing even once we do finally get ourselves back to the front.

"I don't think we have made any secret of the fact the area we have been underperforming in, relative to the completion, is we haven't made as much out of the aerodynamic rules over the last few seasons as some of our rivals.

"That's for a number of reasons and it's an area where our team has invested heavily over the last 18 months or so and we will eventually get our reward for."


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