McLaren and Johnnie Walker produced the best team and sponsor videos respectively in 2013, it has been revealed.

According to a study conducted by Blended Republic, in which a panel of F1 marketing and brand experts were asked to judge the most successful team and sponsor videos there were two outright winners. The 'Bruce McLaren: McLaren 50th Anniversary' video received 60 per cent of the votes for best team video, with 'Red Bull: Seven Star Spin' film taking the runners-up spot.

Meanwhile, the 'Johnnie Walker Step Inside - Jenson Button: The Ulitmate Walk' film received 70 per cent of the votes for best sponsor video, with the Tooned Mobil 1 videos coming in second [click here to view - there were six in total].

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The study has also found that branded video content is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix for F1 sponsors.

"With F1 experts looking for innovative ways to reach and engage with their target audiences, the F1 world is increasingly turning to branded video content for that solution. And it seems that this increasing confidence in branded content having a strong future in F1 will be backed up by marketing spend, with eight of ten of those surveyed in this month's Blended Republic Study believing that marketing budget spent on branded content will be increased in 2014," read part of the media release issued by Blended Republic.

Chris Sice, managing director of Blended Republic added: "It is clear that F1 sponsors are keen to invest further in content marketing in 2014. The rise of social media coupled with F1's huge broadcast audience makes it increasingly attractive.

"The main challenge is how to create content that secures distribution and the audiences needed to deliver a significant ROI."

A summary of the key findings from the report can be viewed as an infographic - HERE