Ross Brawn has revealed he will take a short six-month sabbatical before deciding his plans for the future.

Brawn will step down from his position as team principal at the Mercedes F1 team at the end of this month, a decision that was made official last week. While he has been linked to a number of teams - including Ferrari, McLaren and Williams, as well as a role with the FIA - the 59-year-old appears in no rush to find a new position and has also said he will look outside F1.

"I've got to take a break for a while, and just see how things pan out. I'll take a few months off, perhaps go and see a few more football games," he told British newspaper, The Mirror. "Maybe around the summer time I'll decide what's happening, it is a sabbatical."

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"I think if I get involved again in motorsport it will be F1, but I'm very open minded," he added. "I think it depends what motivates me, and what people offer, so we'll see what happens in the summer."

The Briton followed a similar approach when stepping back from life as technical director at Ferrari following a run of six successive world titles at the end of 2006.

Having indulged his love of fishing for several months, Brawn then returned at the head of Honda's F1 operation, before going on to buy out the struggling team and guiding it to a world title under his own name. Mercedes' involvement as engine supplier then led to a takeover and the formation of the team Brawn currently heads up - albeit only for the remainder of December.