Drivers competing in the FIA F1 World Championship will be assigned permanent numbers from next year.

FIA president Jean Todt recently voiced his support for the move, and it has now been agreed following a meeting of the F1 Strategy Group and the Formula One Commission.

"Drivers will be asked to choose their race number, between 2 and 99, for the duration of their career in the FIA Formula One World Championship. Number 1 will be reserved for the current World Champion, should he choose to use it," read a statement to the media.

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"If more than one driver chooses the same number, priority will be given to the driver who finished highest in the previous year's championship."

Numbers in F1 have been assigned according to where a team finishes in the Constructors' Championship in recent years, with the exception of the number one, that always goes to the reigning world champion.

However in the past that wasn't always the case, with red #5, famously associated with Nigel Mansell, while the #27 is always linked to the legendary Gilles Villeneuve - although neither, it should be noted, was specifically allocated.