The 2014 F1 title battle will take on an intriguing twist after the announcement that the season finale in Abu Dhabi will award double points.

The decision as taken by F1's strategy group and the Formula One commission following a meeting in Paris and is now part of the regulations for the new season, with the FIA stating that awarding double points will help to 'maximise focus on the championship until the end of the campaign'.

The double points award was only one part of the changes announced by the governing body, alongside things like permanent driver numbers and five second penalties for minor infringements on track, but it is the former that has led to widespread discussion from fans and experts alike.

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While some can see the reasoning behind the decision, many fear the impact it could have on the title fight and fears have already been expressed about the possibility that the 'wrong' driver could end up being crowned champion if the result of the final race goes a certain way.

But what is your viewpoint?

Will double points in the season finale help to improve the show, or is it a step too far - especially given the fact that fresh regulations for 2014 are already expected to spice up the action?

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