Former F1 champion Mario Andretti says he feels it is only a matter of time before customer cars become a reality in the sport, and has suggested that his son Michael would be one of the first to chase a place on the grid if it was the case.

The issue of customer cars is one that has been discussed or some time as a way in which to reduce some of the costs involved in the sport, with larger teams such as Ferrari and Red Bull being able to sell cars to smaller teams who wouldn't have to deal with the current levels of expenditure required to design and build a car of their own.

Currently, there is widespread opposition to the possibility of bringing in customer cars but Andretti said he could see the move being introduced at some point in the future to not only bring down costs, but also to bring new blood onto the grid.

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"If you imagine opening it up so that any given team could sell to another; to a privateer, maybe just start with you can only sell it to one," he told ESPN. "You would have teams like my son Michael's that would probably enter Formula One. We've talked about it, he said 'If Ferrari would sell me a car, McLaren would sell me a car, Red Bull would sell me a car, we would be straight in'.

"This is a good thing, because I can see that it's probably going to have to happen because the teams could amortize some costs, obviously, and then it's win-win. The team that's coming in doesn't have to have a $200million investment to compete with Red Bull or Ferrari. To me I would see that's what is going to evolve.

"That's also what should keep Formula One strong without really deterring the purity of the technical side of it in my opinion. There are better ways to go before it becomes a spec series."