Sebastian Vettel insists that his success in F1 in recent years has been down to every member of the Red Bull Racing team - and not simply those to garner most of the headlines.

The German clinched his fourth successive title in dominant fashion this year, with a run of nine wins in a row after the mid-season break.

Much of has been made of the impact of designer Adrian Newey in his success, with Fernando Alonso having previously made comment that the rest were racing Newey as much as they were racing Vettel himself.

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However, the 26-year-old insisted that his championship glory wasn't simply down to the talents of Newey or any one person in the team, but was more of a collective effort.

"I think a lot of people think of a lot of things when thinking about my wins: Red Bull Racing, Adrian, myself - and a handful of key people in the team," he told the official F1 website. "In general we all get enough credit. There is enough attention.

"But there are so many more people involved in that 'winning process' - Christian Horner was rightfully speaking about all the unsung heroes who contribute a lot with their hard work and brilliant ideas. They don't get enough credit. Sure, it is not possible to name 500 or more people, but kudos to them all!

"Every single individual in the team has contributed to Red Bull Racing becoming a racing legend."