The FIA has confirmed that a new trophy will be introduced into F1 next season for the best qualifier on the grid.

The new trophy - which has now been written into the Sporting Regulations - will be awarded to the driver to have secured the most pole positions over the course of the season.

In the event of two drivers being tied in terms of pole positions, a countback system will be used taking into account the number of second and third places until a winner is revealed.

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Should no winner still be found, the FIA will 'nominate the winner according to such criteria as it thinks fit'.

Had the trophy been in place this season, Sebastian Vettel would have been crowned winner thanks to his nine pole positions ahead of Lewis Hamilton with five and Nico Rosberg with three.

There is currently an award for the driver who scores the most Fastest Laps during a season, backed by DHL and won this season by Vettel.