Jules Bianchi insists he is pleased with the way his first season in an F1 race seat panned out, despite not being in a position to challenge for points finishes.

The 24-year-old had hoped to secure a drive with Force India before being overlooked in favour of Adrian Sutil, but secured an unexpected second chance with Luiz Razia was forced to give up his drive with Marussia.

The Frenchman impressed many with his approach over the course of the season, with a 13th place finish in Malaysia being good enough to help Marussia take tenth in the constructors' championship, which it also meant Bianchi was the best-placed of those drivers not to score a point during the season in the drivers' championship.

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Bianchi will remain with the team again next season, and he admitted that - even though not running at the sharp end of the grid - he was pleased with the way his debut year had gone.

"It's important for a driver to start in F1 wherever you go to show what you can do. For sure, if you can fight for points it's better," he told F1plus. "Anyway I think what we've done with Marussia this season is good because we are showing good progress compare to the last year and the year before. I'm very happy with the way I started in F1.

"You really need to be ready when the opportunity comes because you can have only one chance. There are a few examples of drivers who had two chances in F1, like Grosjean, who left F1, went back to GT and GP2."

The Ferrari Driver Academy member admitted that his approach to racing had had to change inline with the expectations on track but he said he could have no complaints given he was at least now part of the F1 grid.

"It's a different way of competing," he said. "Before I was fighting against 26 drivers but now we know we can't be in front of other teams, except for Caterham.

"It's different, but I can't complain. It's good to be here and show what you can do."